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I feel like I look completely different everyday 

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one of us is gonna have to change

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tumblr will not be accessible on the 29th, 30th and 31st of February please reblog and spread the word

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if you tell someone ‘no’ and they respond with “FINE……….” or “guess ill be all alone….” or “its okay im used to having my hopes crushed…….” or any of that guilt-inducing passive aggressive fuckery, cut them straight out of your life because you never deserve to feel bad for setting boundaries or speaking your mind.

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my brother once accidentally locked himself in a dog cage and starting snapchatting photos for help till my mum and dad had to drive over and free him

did I fail to mention my brother is a 25 year old man

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If you need tips on how to be happier, then click this link! Don’t dwell on your past anymore, think of the positive :)

Please don’t remove the caption!

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me: why did you just reblog that from them
me: i literally just reblogged that
me: you're following both of us so why'd you reblog it from them and not me
me: is it because you don't like me
me: is it because i'm fat

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Watching: Supernatural
Listening to: Panic! At The Disco

not this again